The meaning of life is love

The act of love begins with the very definition of meaning. It begins by stepping outside of the self to connect with and contribute with something bigger. “Being human – Frankl wrote – always points or is directed to something or someone other than oneself – be it a meaning to fulfill or another human being to encounter. The more one forgets himself — by giving himself to a cause to serve or another person to love — the more human he is”. That’s the power of meaning. It’s not some great revelation. It’s pausing to say hi to a newspaper vendor and reaching out to someone at work who seems down. It’s helping people get in better shape and being a good parent or a good mentor to a child. It’s sitting in awe beneath a starry night sky and going to a medieval prayer service with friends. It’s opening a coffee shop for struggling veterans. It’s listening to a loved one’s story. It’s taking care of a plant. These may be humble acts on their own. But taken together, they light up the world.

The Power Of Meaning *Crafting a Life That Matters – Emily Esfahani Smith
A great audiobook read by Mozhan Marno

Oscar Wilde


Who, being loved, is poor?


Wer, der geliebt wird, ist arm?


¿Quién, siendo amado, es pobre?

About the author and the sentence: Oscar Wilde doesn’t need any presentation but I want to tell you that I found this sentence written on a bench in the park of my hometown, Gaggiano, and I think it’s very true. Love is enough to make us feel complete.

End of the translation game, I hope you enjoyed it!