The best choice

I came across this picture shared by Hal Elrod on Instagram and reading his words made me think.

This sentence says a lot about Hal as a person, about his energetic and enthusiastic character but also about how he chose to be like this.

We can always choose who we want to be and how we want to feel. We can choose to complain and see the things in our life as bad or not enough. We can choose not to accept our current situation or to be constantly looking for a change, doing nothing in order to reach it. This is easy: it does not require any efforts.

But does it bring us further?!

Surely not.

Happiness, acceptance, confidence and productivity are better choices. They require engagement but they lead you to be the person you know you can be.

By accepting your life and being content about it, you will gain confidence and you will be more productive because you are more aware about what you can perform.

If you can imagine yourself doing something, this is the first step to reach that status. What follows are commitment and exercise. You will feel automatically happier in the moment you realize that you are doing your best every day. This is enough to be proud of yourself and to enjoy your life. Try it!

Visualization board

Una tecnica molto utile che ho appreso leggendo il libro The Miracle Morning di Hal Elrod è quella di visualizzare i propri obiettivi mettendoli su carta. Lo si fa creando una cosiddetta visualization board.

Per creare una visualization board si prende un foglio di carta o un cartoncino, di dimensioni a piacere, e si scrivono gli ambiti su cui si intende lavorare per poi andare nello specifico annotando i propri obiettivi. I più creativi possono aggiungere slogan o immagini che aiutano a rendere meglio il concetto e l’obiettivo a esso collegato. Una volta creata la propria visualization board la si appende o la si posiziona in modo da averla sempre bene in vista.

Io uso questa tecnica specialmente quando ho in testa tante cose che vorrei migliorare per sentirmi più soddisfatta. Creando una visualization board, riordino i pensieri e li divido in categorie esternando su carta quello che intendo raggiungere come obiettivo. Guardare la mia visualization board di tanto in tanto mi sprona a rimanere concentrata e a misurare i miei progressi perché quando si visualizza una cosa questa diventa più tangibile e quindi più raggiungibile.

Il titolo della mia visualization board

Hal Elrod

Listening to the audio book ‘The miracle morning‘ was for me an interesting experience that changed my attitude with time and practice. That’s why I would like to introduce you to its author, Hal Elrod, and suggest you to watch this speech of him. Maybe you could do it during one of the next few days off. It’s really worth!

Source: Youtube Channel of LawlineCLE