If that would be me?

Would somebody care?

I mean, would somebody take care of me or care about me if I would be suffering from Ebola? Or if I, Angela, would have a disability that affects my life so much that I could not be independent? And if I Fradegradi A. could not follow my passions? If I could not show love to the people I love more than myself? Would somebody care if I would hate myself? And if I should leave my family, friends and land to live in a safer place like the Palestinians are doing? And if I would be aggressive without reasons?

Would somebody come to me and ask me why?

The answer is YES. And the answer will be the same if I ask you would somebody talk about it?!

Now just one more question comes to my mind: would somebody defend me? YES, too.

Why? Well that’s a good question, here my answer.

Because I would and I’m just a person like you. We are people. We all have a brain, we are made of water and muscle, we have blood and, last but not least, we have a heart.

One person and the people make difference.