About me

My name is Angela Fradegradi.

I was born in 1986 and I grew up near Milan in Italy. Since 2012 I’m living in Germany.

My background? I studied Interpreting and Communication at the IULM University in Milan and I worked as journalist, translator and online author for several years. Currently I’m working as a Project Manager for a translation company in Stuttgart.IMG_5143

I come from a small village in the province and for me living in a big city like Stuttgart is fascinating. There are always concerts or events where you can go and the atmosphere in the city is very multicultural. I feel in Stuttgart at home and if I miss Milan it’s just a 50 minutes flight from here.

On my blog you can find articles in the three languages I speak: Italian, German and English. Actually I’m also learning Spanish but I’m far away from writing in this language. Here I write about topics I’m interested in, expecially about culture, women and society but I also like to share here with you my thoughts and small happiness moments.

For me communication is not only a skill that we all should cultivate but also an aspect that characterizes a society. I like to think internet gives us the possibility to express ourselves, share ideas and connect to people with similar interests. This blog is my communication platform and I just want to welcome you and thank you for you visit.

Have a good reading!



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